The Kit of the Month for February 2017 is the Carrickmacross Lace Sampler Kit reduced by $7.00 Canadian Dollars.

For other designs in white work embroidery please visit the white work page of my website.

Prices on my website are in Canadian Dollars and are an excellent deal if you are living outside of Canada due to the low exchange rate.

All of my embroidery kits come with free on going critique and free email correspondence incase you have any questions about the kit you are working on. Each kit comes with detailed instructions and diagrams.

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1: Couching

2: Picot Edge

3: Several Rows of Couching and Varying Sizes of Loops on Picot Edge

4: Pops

5: Buttonhole Bars

6: Net Pattern

Samples of Carrickmacross Lace

Framing the Samples

Front of the Samples

Back of the Samples

Click on Images for Enlargements



This sampler kit is suitable for beginners in the Carrickmacross Lace technique.

Carrickmacross Lace inspired the design for Kate Middleton's wedding dress and has brought the technique back into popularity.

The technique is similar to Fine White Work but is simpler and does not need to be worked in a frame or hoop. It is a fun technique because of the dimensions it creates and involves different stitches such as couching, buttonhole stitch and net patterns.

This is a a very informative instructional kit the techniques that are covered in the instructions can be applied to you own designs.

1: Couching

Picture 1 shows the basic stitch of Carrickmacross Lace which is couching down a cord with a fine white thread and then areas of the cotton organdie cut away to expose the net in preparation for net patterns or button hole pops to be worked on the net.

2: Couching with Picot Edge

Picture 2 shows couching in the center, a picot edge on the outside edge of the circle using the cord and the fine white couching thread. In traditional Carrickmacross lace the picot edge loops should be even in size and spacing. Cotton Organdie has been cut away to leave the net exposed at the center of the larger shapes in preparation for net patterns or button hole pops to be worked on the net.

3: Couching with Picot Edge - Enhanced

Picture 3 shows more than one row of couching which creates heavier lines of white stitching. The picot edge has been worked alternating different size loops.

4: Pops

Picture 4 shows pops worked in the center of the circle. Pops are a buttonhole wheel worked over the net.

5: Buttonhole Bars

The pictures below show buttonhole bars and buttonhole bars with thorns. The fabric and net has been cut away from behind the buttonhole bars.

Buttonhole Bars

Buttonhole Bars with Thorn

Buttonhole Bars with Thorn

6: Net Patterns

The pictures below show different net patterns worked on open net areas.

Net Pattern

Net Pattern

Daisies Net Pattern


Instruction Booklet - 30 Pages Detailing all the samples  •  1 No. 10 Crewel Embroidery Needle  •  One Piece of Cotton Organdie Fabric 8 inch by 10 inch  •  One Piece of Honeycombe Net (Tulle) 8 inch by 10 inch  •  Spool of Gutterman's Fine White Cotton Couching Thread  •  Spool of DMC No. 20 Cordonnet for the Cord

KIT COST - Kit of the Month

Carrickmacross Lace Sampler Kit: $35.00 Canadian Dollars, Kit of the Month Price: $28.00 Canadian Dollars

Quantity: View Cart

Carrickmacross Lace Sampler Instruction Booklet Only: $28.00 Canadian Dollars

Quantity: View Cart

Please note it is very important to use the appropriate cotton organdie fabric for carrickmacross lace. The fabric should be non fraying, otherwise the stitching will come away from the fabric when you do the cut work. Organza fabric will not work with this technique.


I highly recommend the curved blades scissors for cutting away the cotton organdie as the shape of the scissors allows you to get close to the couched cord to cut away the organdie. I also sell straight blades in this type of scissors which are very sharp inexpensive scissors.

Scissors: $10.00 Canadian Dollars

Quantity: Colour: View Cart


The Carrickmacross Lace kit comes with one No. 10 embroidery needle. As these fine embroidery needles can be difficult to come by I have given you the option to order extra needles below.

Packet of Crewel/Embroidery Needles Size 10: $3.50 Canadian Dollars

Quantity: Select Brand: View Cart


Three Metal Top Wire Needle Threaders: $1.00 Canadian Dollars

Quantity: View Cart


Even though the back of the embroideries are not exactly the same as the front, the samples can be displayed so both sides can be viewed. I found a two-sided  free standing frame at Michael's craft store. The samples are sandwiched between two planes of glass, and look lovely and delicate like snow flakes.

The samples would also look beautiful mounted on a colour background such as silk paper or coloured mat.

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